We propose here a chicken gene atlas built by extending the Ensembl reference (v94-Galgal5 or v101-GRCg6a) with LNC from three public databases (NCBI, NONCODE, ALDB) and new genes from the FR-AgENCODE project and other analyses of 364 RNA-seq samples. The LNChickenAtlas catalogue features a genome ("structural") annotation that provides the position of the genes and transcripts and a gene ("functional") annotation that includes various features like the official short gene Name (HGNC), full gene name, human ans mouse orthologous name (iD, name), expression profiles in chicken, etc.

In addition, a vcf file is provided with a set of ~9.9M SNPs called from RNA-seq data.

Resulting annotations

French National Institute for Agricultural Research

Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes