Biological samples of 40+ tissues are available from the 4 animals per species at the INRAE biobank CRB-Anim and registered at the EMBL-EBI BioSamples repository under the keyword « FR-AgENCODE ».

If you wish to perform some experimental assay on these tissue samples you can order them at the INRAE biobank. Just go to the CRB-Anim web portal and enter the keyword "FRAGENCODE" in the search box to browse the collection. A registration is required to request samples. Shipping fees are not covered.

Raw reads

Sequencing data for RNA-seq, ATAC-seq and Hi-C can be retrieved from the EMBL-EBI’s ENA using the keyword « FR-AgENCODE » or using the following identifiers:


Information about animals, samples, protocols and sequencing data is available at the FAANG Data Coordination Center (DCC) using the following identifiers:


To visualize the FR-AgENCODE data in the UCSC Genome Browser
Go to the UCSC browser, tab My Data // Track Hubs. Under the "My Hubs" tab, copy the URL "" and click on "Add Hub". You can now select the genome of your choice from the main page and browse normally.


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French National Institute for Biomedical Research and Health

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Institute for Agricultural Research

Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes