• Sylvain Foissac (coordination)
  • Elisabetta Giuffra (coordination)
  • Sandrine Lagarrigue
  • Marie-Hélène Pinard-Van der Laan

Sampling and assays

  • Hervé Acloque
  • Cécile Berri
  • Fany Blanc
  • Sophie Dhorne-Pollet
  • Françoise Drouet
  • Diane Esquerre
  • Stéphane Fabre
  • Joël Gautron
  • Adeline Goubil
  • Sonia Lacroix-Lamandé
  • Fabrice Laurent
  • Florence Mompart
  • Pascale Queré
  • Michèle Tixier-Boichard
  • Gwenola Tosser-Klopp
  • Silvia Vincent-Naulleau

Data analysis

  • Philippe Bardou
  • Cédric Cabau
  • Elisa Crisci
  • Thomas Derrien
  • Sarah Djebali-Quelen
  • Thomas Faraut
  • Sylvain Foissac
  • Christine Gaspin
  • Ignacio Gonzalez
  • Christophe Klopp
  • Sandrine Lagarrigue
  • Sylvain Marthey
  • Maria Marti-Marimon
  • Raphaelle Momal-Leisenring
  • Kylie Munyard
  • Kévin Muret
  • Andrea Rau
  • David Robelin
  • Magali San Cristobal
  • Nathalie Vialaneix
  • Matthias Zytnicki
Acknowledgements We would like to thank the FAANG community for the general support and in particular A. Archibald (Roslin Institute, UK), L. Clarke, P. Harrison (EMBL-EBI, UK), and M. Groenen (WUR, Netherlands) for their collaboration in the organization of the project, and B. Rosen (ARS, USDA) for providing information about the goat sexual chromosomes. We wish to thank all field operators at INRA experimental animal facilities, units, and platforms in France for the access and the assistance in animal handling and sampling, including the following: Y. Gallard, UE Le Pin (Gouffern en Auge), F. Bouvier and T. Fassier, UE Bourges (Osmoy), S. Ferchaud, UE GenESI (Magneraud/Rouillé), Y. Baumard, UE PEAT (Nouzilly), C. Berri and J. Gautron, UR BOA (Nouzilly), G. Gomot, J.P. Dubois and A. Arnould, UR PRC CIRE (Nouzilly), E. Guettier, D. Capo and J. Savoie, UE PAO (Nouzilly). We are grateful to A. Breschi (Stanford, USA) and J. Lagarde (CRG, Spain) for sharing scripts and to N. Servant (Institut Curie, France) for assistance on HiC-PRO. Additional acknowledgements go to C. Donnadieu and O. Bouchez from the Get-Plage sequencing platform (INRA Toulouse) and to C. Gaspin and her staff at the GenoToul bioinformatics platform (INRA Toulouse), especially D. Laborie and M.S. Trotard for IT support.

French National Institute for Agricultural Research

Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes